Upsetting news

This blog post is extremely upsetting.

My friend Indira is an amazing vegan food creator. She has been trading at street markets and supplying cafes over the past year as Tickled Tastebud Co. Indira’s vegan pies are the best I have ever tasted in the UK. I even had the pleasure of hosting a supper club with her on one occasion which resulted in rave reviews.

I spoke with Indira yesterday and found out why she has been silent on social media for a few weeks. She asked me to pass on the following information to anyone who has been missing her food.

Indira is a breast cancer survivor, but sadly she has recently become incredibly unwell again. She is pregnant with her second child, which initially led doctors to think her symptoms were connected to her pregnancy.

This was not the case.

After three weeks in hospital, Indira was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer of the liver and has been told her condition is terminal.

I am terribly saddened for Indira and her family. Her wonderful, supportive husband and darling daughter both welcomed me and my partner Josh into their home last year for a wonderful evening of fine food and company.

Indira is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have met.

When I put a call out for food to be handed out to my Vegan Coach Trip passengers, Indira worked overtime to donate dozens of vegan cheesecakes and took hours out of her day to personally deliver them to me in central London.

Indira walks the walk when it comes to caring for animals. Her vegan food business that she has poured her heart into is now put on hold as she manages her physical health. I know Indira had recently secured a grant to expand her business and had even teamed up with a business mentor to help her with future plans.

It is very telling of her considerate nature that Indira’s main motivation for asking me to share this news was not wanting to disappoint her customers who have come to love her food. She is saddened to think of people who might feel let down or confused by her sudden withdrawal from her food business.

Please take a moment to leave a comment of support and appreciation for Indira below. You might also consider sending a short message of support via her Twitter account.

I am fundamentally saddened by this news and wish to thank Indira for the compassion she has extended to me over the past few years. I am incredibly proud of and thankful for the wonderful vegan food her company provided to London and surrounding areas.

My thoughts and love are with Indira and her family as they move forward.

Infinite love and sadness.

Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Do not worry about your customers lovely, just take care of yourself. Sending love, positivity and compassion your way,

  2. Sending you lots of love Indira.

  3. All I can say in consolation of the situation of Indira, a woman whom I’ve never met, is that it is sad to us to see such a kind person move on to the other side – but she has brought immense relief to thousands upon thousands of animals just because she lives her life the best way she knows how; disappointment is not the word to begin to describe the feeling people have for Indira, but empathy, as she has shown through her time on earth.

    We love you, and support your decisions to take care of yourself as any of us would also do!

    We are all One, and you’re not alone even when your pies are on the shelf 🙂

  4. In your all too short life you’ve made a difference. Thank you for everything you’ve done for animals and I wish you peace.

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