Award winning

This is big news.

The VegfestUK Awards were held during the huge two-day London event over the weekend and I’m thrilled to report that this blog was recognised!

I had been nominated in the category called Best Vegan Blogger/Info Website alongside some true giants of the plant-based community including The Vegan Society, Animal Aid and Viva! Campaigns.

I am absolutely shocked (and grateful) to have received almost 30% of the votes cast and to be named Best Vegan Blogger. I truly didn’t believe that I would win this award and was convinced one of the other bigger charities would scoop all the votes.

Heck, even my partner Josh told me he didn’t bother voting as he didn’t think I stood a chance!

BIG THANKS to every single person who voted for me and my blog. I have worked hard for almost six years to make it an informative and inclusive platform to help improve outcomes for animals.

I am deeply appreciative that people have recognised the blog by casting a vote. Thanks also to VegfestUK for giving people the opportunity to vote.

You can see the final vote tally, alongside all the other award winners, on the VegfestUK website here.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Well deserved!

  2. You totally deserve it…

  3. Definitely well deserved! Best blog out there Mx

  4. Just a thought…
    Why not create an app to show worldwide locations of veggie/vegan businesses? Categories; Food. Eating out. Clothing. Etc
    Big project but I’m sure businesses would jump at the chance to help.

    • HappyCow already do that, right? They for sure have an app that includes vegan stuff all over the world.

  5. Many congrats – g,lad you won!

  6. Congrats! I’m in the US and love your informative blog.

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