New vegan shoe company in London

Hey all.

As you might know, I’m busy enjoying a vegan cruise through the south of France but it occurred to me that we haven’t discussed the new vegan shoe business that recently popped up in London.

Their shoes look kinda snappy and cool.

Steve and Caroline of Friendship shoes in the showroom on launch day.

A photo posted by Friendship Vegan Shoes (@friendshipveganshoes) on

The company is called Friendship Vegan Shoes and they have a showroom in London for you to visit (or you can order online).

I’m definitely going to make time to check out their range soon.

Get over to their website to find out more and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Yay for vegan shoes!


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  1. Yay! Always nice to see a new vegan shoe store.

    Now that the weather is turning cold I am once again trying to find a good source of warm vegan jumpers and cardigans. Do you have any recommendations? Is there a good vegan alternative to cashmere for those of us who are cold all the time? Thanks.

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