New vegan products by Linda McCartney


After baffling us with new products that were almost vegan for so long, Linda McCartney Foods has launched four new items onto the market that are completely plant-based.

Check them out.


If the image above isn’t showing clearly let me tell you the range now includes vegetarian chorizo & red pepper sausages, vegetarian shredded hoisin duck, vegetarian beef burrito mix and vegetarian pulled chicken.

Reports have been coming in that all of these are in shops right now, so keep a keen eye out during your next shopping trip and let us know what you think when you get your hands on them.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Really don’t like the wording of these products. They are all geared towards meat eaters and look a like products. Vegan products should be a celebration of plant based food and should at least have the veg in the title. I will not be buying these products.

  2. The pulled chicken one is well nice!

  3. Can’t wait to give the ‘chorizo’ ones a try 🙂

  4. These are a little too ‘meaty’ for me. Think I’ll pass :/

  5. If it means meat eaters eat less meat then less animals are killed in which case it doesn’t matter if they have a meat name or geared towards meat eaters….as long as people are eating them as opposed to the real thing

    • You’re so right, Vegan Staunch. I’m not fond of fake meat products myself but a lot of people are – including waverers who love their meat and think they need something to replace it. Does it really matter what they’re called if they encourage people to try eating vegan, even occasionally? If they’re not ideologically **VEGAN** enough for you, stick to soaking your beans – I probably will. But I might try them, just so they know there’s a market for them. What if they stopped making them because there wasn’t enough demand and went back to making products with dairy and eggs?

  6. Never liked the taste of meat so not for me. Can see how they could support meat eaters moving towards being vegan. For that reason it is better they are available but I will be giving them a miss myself.

  7. As someone who is cooking for a vegan but not vegan myself, the meat based names help me to envisage where they can be used as a replacement or alternative in meals that I am already making. The meat that they most closely replicate is a common association and easy for most people to recognise so whilst the most militant vegans may not like it, it does support the growth of the vegan community whether you like the names or not. Surely that’s more important?

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