Hot vegan breakfast

Why is it so tough to get a cooked breakfast?

The UK is famous all over the world for fry ups and cooked breakfasts, so you think it would be an easy task to find a quality vegan version.

Not so. I can’t really think of any in London that I would rave about. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

A few weeks back I did stumble across a delightful vegan breakfast in a vegetarian café in Lancaster called The Whale Tail Café.

Check it out!


It wasn’t complicated but it was expertly put together.

Sausages, tofu, beans, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms and a side of toast. It was perfect.

Visit The Whale Tail Café online and visit for this satisfying meal soon.


Pop your recommendations into the comments for fab vegan breakfasts.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. The Black Cat Cafe’s breakfasts are well worth crowing about.

  2. Black Cat cafe in Hackney for sure! The very best vegan cooked breakfast I’ve ever had. The Gallery Cafe (Bethnal Green) also do a reasonable hot cooked breakfast.

  3. Cherry reds Birmingham – does a fab vegan full English breakfast and also offers a fab vegan breakfast hash.

  4. The Eighth Day Co-Operative in Manchester. Had a superb vegan breakfast there earlier this year (looked pretty much like the one in your photo actually!) Then nipped onto their shop upstairs and followed the breakfast with a mini tub of booja booja ice cream

  5. Black Cat does such good food – I trust the other comments suggesting this in London!

    More brunch than fry up – for a “posh” vegan breakfast I like Buhler & Co in Walthamstow, London. They have a seasonable menu – use to have a Mediterranean scrambled tofu on sour dough. More recently they veganise (without feeling hard done by) a cooked vegan Indian breakfast which was AMAZING!

    For a fry up I was pleasantly surprised on holiday in Edinburgh recently by Omni “Beeakfast Brunch Lunch” – an excellent vegan fry up for a greasy spoon price. Coffee in the biggest mug you ever had. Excellent way to start a day on hols 🙂

  6. We do a Scottish vegan take on the Full traditional breakfast here at Breakfast,Brunch & Lunch 65 Pleasance, Edinburgh, it’s one of the best selling items on the menu, please pop in if your ever in Town.

  7. Allan – see my comment above? I’m rather chuffed you follow this forum and I was pleased to sing your praises! It’s a brilliant breakfast and I wish you were in London too!

    • Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it

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