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When I was in Copenhagen, I also took a day trip to Malmö, over the sea in Sweden. Some people make out like Malmö and Copenhagen are nuzzled together, but it will take about an hour to get from central Copenhagen to central Malmö, realistically.

However, if you do make the trip (take your passport, Schengen is no longer here) you’ll be rewarded with some excellent vegan food at Kao’s.

The café was a little hard to find – from the street it looked like the place is closed down (I’m not sure if they were refurbishing it). However, signs directed us through the gate at the side and into the rear courtyard where we found a beautiful, peaceful oasis.

In addition to a buffet, there are three daily specials – one soup, one fake meat, and one vegetable dish, plus a range of sweet treats to satisfy any tastebuds.

We had seitan sausage with potato salad (packed with dill, one of my favourites), and a sweet potato gratin with tofu and curry-roasted vegetables, which came with some amazingly creamy garlic mayonnaise. Both dishes were delicious, though they may not look particularly exciting on my photos! Meals include a trip to the salad bar, plus a tea or filter coffee too.

There was also a big selection of sweet stuff. After much deliberation we settled on a cinnamon swirl, plus a slice of chocolate cake with a thick caramel layer in the middle – gooey and delicious.

4 Kao%27s vegan Malmö - cinnamon swirl and chocolate-caramel cake 3 Kao%27s vegan Malmö – sweet potato gratin 2 Kao%27s vegan Malmö - seitan sausage and dill potato salad 1 Kao%27s vegan Malmö - courtyard

We both thought Kao’s was excellent, a perfect spot for some lunch. There’s also a branch of the vegan supermarket Astrid Och Aporna very close by, so you can stock up on goodies for your travels.

Later, after wandering around the city, we went to the clearly-named Vegan Bar. I quite like that it’s so proud of its credentials – and it was packed, too!

They specialise in burgers, and they have a build-your-own system in place. First you choose your burger style – soya mince, chickpea, or portobello – then you choose your type of bread, then finally your toppings.

We chose a mushy-mushy chickpea burger with sourdough bun. The mushy-mushy includes lots of mushrooms and a slice of vegan cheese. It came with chunky fries and was pretty big and very tasty!

8 Vegan Bar Malmö - burger close-up 7 Vegan Bar Malmö - burger and fries 6 Vegan Bar Malmö - busy seating 5 Vegan Bar Malmö - window sign

The only odd note came after ordering, when the friendly member of staff told us that we should have been charged extra for sharing (we weren’t hungry enough to each tackle a burger and fries). This is a bit weird for a bar. I can understand why a restaurant might do this, but for a place where you order your food at the bar, and where not everyone is eating anyway, it seems a bit off.

But the food was great, and the atmosphere was pretty cool, too. It’s not in the centre of the city, but off to the south, close to Triangeln station where the Copenhagen train stops, which makes it ideal for starting or ending your day in Malmö.

Which is what we did, and thus ended our day in Malmö…

…well, almost. On the way to the station we passed an ICA supermarket and decided to drop in. To our surprise we discovered a huge corner dedicated to vegan products! They even had flapjacks, which funnily enough aren’t easy to get over here. Good to see such prominent vegan marketing, and useful to know too.

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  1. Both Kao’s and Vegan Bar are amazing and it’s exciting to see how the vegan scene in Malmö has grown lately – there used to be no options at all! I don’t know if you’ve heard but Europe’s first all vegan food truck (Vegan Soul Train) is now parked in Malmö, and you should return to try it! I will be worth it a hundred times over! 😀

    You can read more about it here:

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