New vegan burgers in London

There is a new vegan burger experience happening in London and everything they serve looks incredible.

Mooshies is running pop up events around the UK capital, with a current Kitchen Take Over at Strongroom Bar & Kitchen, 120-124 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3SQ between 12pm until 9pm until this Friday (September 2, 2016).

That means you have today, tomorrow and Friday to get along for these ridiculously tasty looking burgers.

Hold onto your seats as I show you what’s in store.

Fillet-Om-Phish copy Whats Ur Beef copy Pulled Mooshie copy

Can you even believe how good they look?

The top burger is the Fillet Om Phish made from aubergines, homemade tartar sauce and VioLife cheese. Next up is the Pulled Mooshie starring jackfruit served on coleslaw with a homemade BBQ sauce. Finally you can see the What’s Ur Beef burger crafted from quinoa and black beans, topped with caramelised onions and VioLife cheese.

All vegan and all extremely impressive.

If you are keen to wrap your laughing gear around these treats but fear you can’t make it to Shoreditch this week, get hold of this next bit of info and take action.

Mooshies are also staging a one-off celebration of their burgers in Islington on September 8, 2016 at The Joker pub.

Tickets for this 4-course meal are £20. You can and should buy tickets online.


Tasty times ahead for London vegans!

Visit Mooshies online, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter and follow on Instagram.

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  1. FGV please check out the full-on Vegan Burger Stall in Borough Market newly opened, 4 to choose from, one being Seitan and mushroom! Hello!! 🙂 Amongst a sea of meat options, we need to support them x

  2. Amazing thank you so much for the post!

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