Vegan Sausage Fest

I am jealous.

Jealous that I didn’t think up something as glorious as Vegan Sausage Fest 2016. I’m also jealous that I will be busy running Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest this weekend and will be 300 miles away from this incredible get-together.


The wonderful people behind Cafe SoVegan are also the wonderful people behind Sausage Fest 2016.

The cafe runs as a permanent pop-up inside the locally-adored Royal Sovereign pub in Hackney. They serve tasty savoury food and, more importantly, cake.

On Sunday August 28 and Monday August 29, 2016 you SHOULD get along to this event that will run between midday and midnight both days.

Here’s a little insight into the event from Cafe SoVegan:

So what is Sausage Fest? I know the standard definition but that’s not what this is!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have noticed that the country has gone a bit to sh*t lately. I think a lot of people are feeling a bit blue, not knowing what to do about it. What we propose is not a solution to all these problems but to bring people together to celebrate the humble sausage (in it’s many vegan forms)!

I’ve grown up in Hackney, it’s my home, my mum’s an immigrant, it’s her home. Lots of my neighbours are immigrants, it’s their home. The Sov is my home away from home and also a microcosm of Hackney, in short my favourite place to be! So to make us feel better (hopefully you too), and to bring people together and have a good time we’ve decided to throw a party. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like a good sausage and a two day party, so why not combine the two?!

We don’t want to exclude anyone which is why this is a free event. There will be a collection for the acts who are performing for their dinner. The money made will be put into keeping the cafe going and providing a place and events for people to come together and have a good time.

Hope to see you all there! XX


All manner of vegan sausages to buy and consume fresh from the BBQ, plus an incredible line up of local musicians. What’s not to love?

In addition, there will be a collection of food, clothing and tent donations for refugees in Calais. Do something good for someone else as you devour vegan sausages. You will be a winner.

Click onto the Facebook event page for more info and to let them know you are coming.

Get along to the Royal Sovereign both days if you can but especially on Monday as it is International Vegan Junk Food Day. This is the perfect way to celebrate the annual event and make sure you use #ivjfd16 to share all your sausage photos on the day.

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  1. Vegan Sausage Fest sounds like heaven. Hope to see it roll out across the country!

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