New vegan food in Hackney

New vegan food in Hackney

I know what you are going to say.

East London doesn’t need more vegan food and people should spread the plant-based love to other parts of the city and the UK.

Well, you might be retracting your complaint when you read about how awesome the brand new Café SoVegan is and you’ll probably be thankful it exists, even if it is in Hackney.

SoVegan logo bandw cutout

On hearing about the impending launch of the cafe, I reached out to co-owner Davina Pascal-O’Mahoney to get the lowdown on this new food business and this is what she shared with me:

Café SoVegan is the creation of myself and my wife Michelle Pascal-O’Mahoney.

Our small, ever-changing menu features homemade comfort food that will appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. In the morning we serve porridge, pastries, and various breakfast baguettes (tofu scramble, sausage, bacon etc.) with specials including dairy-free smoothies, pancakes and French toast.

Take-away sandwiches are also available for those who wish to pop in on their way to work, and include our signature vegan muffaletta, falafel, and variations on familiar favourites. Daily hot soups, stews and curries round out the lunchtime menu.

cafe sovegan photo

Michelle is also an award-winning cake artist who recently received a Cake International award in the “Sculpted Cake” category (see the photo of the winning cake based on Rocket, our whippet baby). So while Café SoVegan offers cakes such as courgette lemon & poppy seed or chocolate orange carrot, bespoke cakes are also available on special order.

The Royal Sovereign has long been our local pub of choice, attracting an eclectic, down to earth, and sociable mix of Hackney old timers and active punk rockers – so when the café space became available, it was natural that we moved in.

gold dogAward-winning sculpture cake!

This sounds fabulous. A vegan cafe set inside a pub!

Café SoVegan will open from Tuesday until Saturday, between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm following its launch on February 6, 2016. Get along to say hello to Michelle and Davina.

The location of Café SoVegan at the Royal Sovereign can be seen on this map.

You should follow Café SoVegan on Twitter and like the Facebook page. You can RSVP to the grand opening party over on the Facebook event page.


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  1. Their muffalettas rule. And I don’t usually have a sweet tooth but finnd their sweet stuff irresistable. The Sov is also the coolest pub in Hackney, so this is a classic combination!

  2. Blimey, the Sovereign is technically my local twice removed. The catering corner was previously occupied by a (non-vegan) pizza baker, who by all accounts was a hard act to follow, but I think it may have been vacant for some time. I haven’t been since we moved a regular drinks night to another pub.

    Annoying that I already have something on the 6th that I can’t skip, hopefully I’ll still be able to go to the Opening Party late-ish.

  3. […] wonderful people behind Cafe SoVegan are also the wonderful people behind Sausage Fest […]

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