Best vegan burger in London

Got plans for eating out over the next few days? Now you do!

I know I have a big mouth with opinion-making skills to match, but please don’t think this is an example of me trying to oversell something.

What you are about to see really is (in my FGV opinion) the best vegan burger currently available in London.

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Decadent, sloppy, juicy and exquisite burger goodness right there.

Now for the surprising part?

The best vegan burger in London is made and sold by a non-vegan food provider.

Arancini Brothers is a food business based around arancini. You know. Little savoury, crunchy rice balls. These irresistible balls have been perfected by the company over years and have grown to become some of the most loved items at street markets and events around London.

In addition to a mobile food truck, Arancini Brothers currently have three permanent restaurant locations. I was invited to dine at the Kentish Town outlet while the other two are placed in Old Street and Dalston.

The menu at the restaurant features a handful of vegan items alongside the non-vegan food, with a small broccoli outline indicating which items are plant-based.

Owner Dave was keen for me to try the specialty Vegan Burger. Rude to say no, right?

This burger blew me away. The gorgeous arancini have been crafted into a burger sized patty, placed inside a fresh bun, doused in onion jam and slathered with aubergine tomato sauce.

Three word review? To die for.

My tray also featured a side serving of arancini (which I could eat all day quite happily thank you very much) and a basket of fries seasoned beyond perfection.

I’m desperate to get back for the morning menu which includes a Vegan Recovery wrap that sounds truly spectacular. There is a vegan salad box that looks intriguing and mushroom/zucchini risotto balls that I MUST try soon.

In both the Kentish Town and Dalston (next to FED By Water) outlets, all of the vegan options are cooked separately from the non-vegan food, with dedicated plant-based fryers used in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the Old Street location has room for just one fryer so vegan items go in with the non-vegan. If vegan food touching non-vegan food is not your thing, stick to Kentish Town and Dalston.

You can visit the Arancini Brothers website for more details such as locations, opening hours and the full menu.

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