Vegan food in Hounslow

Sometimes things surprise me in London.

Did you know about this place called Old School Vegetarian Restaurant in Hounslow? Knock me over with something other than a feather because feathers are usually obtained through cruel means.

I can’t believe I just found out about this place when I’ve often lived less than a 15-minute drive away.

The restaurant is on a well-known thoroughfare called Hanworth Road, just a little further west than the Hounslow Bus Garage (if you know, you know).

The restaurant is brightly decorated and, for a vegetarian restaurant, there is quite a significant number of vegan or able-to-be-vegan meals to select. Obviously there is nothing they serve that couldn’t be vegan so here’s hoping they are on their way to being completely plant based.

Josh and I indulged in a burger and wrap, both accompanied by the most delicious coleslaw and seasoned fries. We also snuck in a caesar salad while I made short work of a creamy almond butter shake.

A photo posted by Fat Gay Vegan (@fatgayvegan) on

A photo posted by Fat Gay Vegan (@fatgayvegan) on

The fries are my life. So crunchy.

Top notch food that was very tasty, however it should be noted that all the vegan meats were Fry’s Family Foods. I know it annoys some people when you go to a restaurant and they are using brands you can buy and use at home.

That’s not a concern of mine as long as the food is done well. Old School Vegetarian Restaurant does it well.

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  1. It’s great isn’t it? This is the place I told you and Josh I was going to take you to a couple of months ago, glad you got to go!

  2. What about their seitan = bomb!!

  3. Hey Sean! Just wanted to let you know Old School has now permanently closed. 🙁

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