This is a super interesting idea for raising the profile of a new vegan food business.



A person named Justin is currently drumming up interest in a new vegan project set to open in London. Justin is planning to launch a frozen banana dessert bar called Nanabar and wants to use social media to get word out about it.

The campaign involves asking people to register a social media account and on July 4, 2016 a message announcing the project will be sent simultaneously from all participating Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts.

It’s a smart way of spreading the news of a new vegan business to hundreds of thousands of people all at once.

Click here to hear from Justin, sign up to help spread the word and be part of a unique promotional event for a new vegan venture.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. that sounds amazing!! do you know when he plans to open the store?

    • I have no idea, sorry.

    • Hey Otto,

      Awesome that you’re as excited as we are!
      We will be planning to open our first store this Spring, so make sure you keep an eye on our social media for any updates 🙂

      Love, peace and bananas,

  2. or was it all just a big con? The indiegogo campaign reached 75% of its flexible goal, and not an update on there, or facebook or twitter since then…

    • Hey Roger,

      Do not worry, no cons here 🙂
      We’re all busy beavering away with lots to organise before we open next Spring, so make sure you keep an eye on our social media for any updates.
      Love peace and bananas,

      Olivia oliv

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