Vegan option in a German beer hall

A friendly Twitter follower named Marie-Anne just gave me a tip that quite a few people will be interested in.

There is a Bavarian-styled pub and restaurant in London with vegan food on the menu. Check out these options:

Starter – Three grilled vegan sausages served with Sauerkraut and a pretzel

Snack – Grilled sausage served with curry sauce and chips

Main – Special Bavarian Beerhouse sausage platter: ‘BratVurst, spicy Merguez and ‘Wiener’ sausages served with Sauerkraut and chips

That grilled sausage dish with curry sauce and chips is the sort of thing I write poems about. It sounds incredible.

The staff at Bavarian Beerhouse certainly look the stereotypical part.

bavarian panel

You can visit Bavarian Beerhouse online and make plans to visit either their Tower Hill or Old Street location.

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