London vegetarian burger stand turning vegan!

This is fantastic news.

You might very well have heard of a meat free burger business called The Veggie Table. This well-known fast cuisine trader has been selling its food at Borough Market for 10 years.

But there are some big changes on the horizon.

The Veggie Table is changing its name to Big V. Why the change? Big V is going to be a 100% vegan food stand.

Everyone at The Veggie Table is vegan. All the cooks, all the servers and even their promotional people are plant-based so they felt it was time to start trading by their principles. The final non-vegan holdout is a Halloumi burger which is set to be phased out as the vegan makeover takes hold.

Make sure you get down to The Veggie Table/Big V to congratulate them on deciding to make the switch to 100% cruelty-free.

If you make your visit coincide with St. George’s Day on April 24, 2016, you will witness the food stand serving their regular ‘V dog sausage’ as a ‘Sausage Sarnie’ and ‘Facon Butties’. That sounds like food heaven to my ears.

Follow Big V on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before you check out these photos of their tasty burgers below.

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