Is Quorn going 100% vegan?

The story I posted months ago about Quorn launching a few vegan products became one of the most-read posts in the history of my blog within hours of going live.

So I know you are all going to LOVE this update.

A fabulous person named Tracey Dixon has started a petition to demand that Quorn transforms all of its products into plant-based foods and she has added an update from the company that is sure to cause a lot of excitement.

Check it out below:


If the above is true, it means Quorn is in the process to switching all of their products to 100% plant-derived ingredients!

You can click here to add your name to the petition.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Hope Quorn and it’s resellers keep the prices in line with their current non-vegan products. A near 50% uplift per kg is way OTT for the vegan ‘chicken’ pieces (Waitrose). In my mind, potato starch _should_ be a cheaper ingredient than the egg white that it replaces, given that the latter is produced by [high welfare?] chickens.

  2. That would be amazing. 😀 If all their products are vegan both vegetarians and vegans can eat them, so… more profit for them too.

  3. Chickpea brine (aquafaba) can be used everywhere that egg whites can be used

  4. […] excitement was generated a few days ago when it was reported that Quorn was set to switch its entire product range from vegetarian to […]

  5. I love your products they are tasty and very versatile.. I have used them in many different ways and even shared my Korn meals with my friends who agreed that it was very nice and couldn’t tell the difference with some of the creations I had made. I have made satay, stir frys , spaghetti , lasagna, stroganoff, curry , satay , sweet and sour , mousaka, tacos, used it on pizza toppings there is just endless ways that these products can be used . I also enjoy the premade products like the pasties , nuggets and sausages ect which come in handy for the nights where I don’t feel like messing around in the kitchen . I would highly recommend your product to anyone who is interested in just having a few meat free meals a week to people who are already vegans and vegatrians. Please continue expanding your delicious range of products .

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