Quorn is NOT turning everything vegan

Much excitement was generated a few days ago when it was reported that Quorn was set to switch its entire product range from vegetarian to vegan.

Well, it appears our excitement was severely premature.

Quorn have released the following statement in regards to our plant-based hysteria:

quorn vegan

That’s a bit of a let down.

You can still sign the petition asking Quorn to turn their products vegan.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. This is a systemic problem with the “vegan” community. Not only are most people who self-identify as vegans still holding on to some non-Vegan notions (speciesism/veganism-as-merely-a-diet, etc.) but they are too quick to grasp at any straw that seems to purport a furtherance of the Vegan end goal.

    This is a perfect example though, of why it’s much better and morally justifiable, instead of signing a petition that may or may not achieve it’s desired effect, to engage in educating the people in charge of a company on Veganism itself. This WILL eventually have the desired effect of creating a Vegan world, once enough people have been educated.

    If you need help learning how to educate people properly, I’ve written extensively on the subject here:


    and even how to do it on the phone here:


    Here is a great post to show non-Vegans for the first time:


    and here are some others you may want to check out:

    Factual, logical proof that human animals and nonhuman animals are morally equal:

    An explanation of why the only coherent and consistent moral stance is the principle behind Veganism:

    All the info you will ever need on whether a non-Vegan diet is optimally healthy or not:

    Massive amounts of info on how humans exploiting nonhumans is destroying this planet:

    Hundreds of links to info on why it’s wrong for human animals to use nonhuman animals as replaceable resources:

    Please read this to understand why no one should sign petitions for animal causes:

    Arguments that show why vegetarianism often causes more unnecessary suffering and death than consuming animal flesh:

  2. Why worry about Quorn? Try our products instead – we are 100% vegan, always have been and always will be. Real ingredients and real flavour. http://www.morethanmeat.co.uk

  3. I have t wonder why they are stuck on potato protein as the egg replacer. Chickpea protein isn’t expensive, is it? I imagine this is all about finding a suitable CHEAP replacement for the cruelty-based egg white. Chickpeas are cheap and plentiful.

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