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Finally! Eat Natural has a vegan bar

How many times have you picked up an Eat Natural in the supermarket only to put it back on the shelf when you remembered it had honey in it?

The protein bar people have been teasing us vegans for years with their honey-laden range, but now they have thrown us a bone. A bone in the form of a delicious-sounding vegan bar.

This new bar is crafted from maple syrup, pecans and peanuts, and you can get your compassionate fingers on these newbies at Tesco stores around the UK from this month (March 2016).

The press release for the new bars tells me it “contains 40% more protein than a standard Eat Natural Brazil & Sultana bar. It’s made using naturally protein-loaded nuts and contains no soya. Packed with over 70% nuts and seeds: a mix of Peanuts, indulgent Pecan nuts, Golden linseeds and nutty sunflower seeds all gently drenched with Canadian maple syrup and baked lightly for a mellow, rich taste and crunch. (Vegan, Wheat, Dairy and Gluten free.)”

Sounds tasty! Have you tried one yet?

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  1. Yep, stocked up on a box for traveling snacks on a recent trip from Scotland to London and they are really good! About time they left the honey out!

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