Ice cream! Milk! Chocolate!

As of the end of April/beginning of May 2016, I no longer work with Besos de Oro

I teased you all a few days ago about the upcoming developments from my client, Besos de Oro.

Well, the time has come to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain. Are you ready?

Besos new vegan products

Yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing.

Besos de Oro is the creamy drink crafted from brandy and horchata, a milky liquid made of chufa. Chufa is a tuber also known as tiger nut and is the star ingredient of horchata from Spain.

Besos is now changing the way vegans and dairy-free consumers get their milk, ice cream and chocolate. These creamy new products are made from the chufa plant and the entire range is also gluten free.

As if that isn’t enough to impress, Besos is also set to please with a brand new tomato frito. Frito is a decadent sauce made from roasted tomatoes and is the main tomato ingredient in Spanish cuisine. Peter from Besos de Oro assures me that his frito is the best you will ever taste.

This news is intense and is wearing me out, so let me recap.

The new Besos frito and milk will be available in the UK not long after you read this post, followed by the Besos ice cream and chocolate. All vegan!

As of the end of April/beginning of May 2016, I no longer work with Besos de Oro

You should follow Besos de Oro on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out where these glorious new vegan products will be sold (and what those mysterious unannounced products are!).

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  1. Do you know if they are supplying anyone yet?

  2. “Frito” means “fried” in Spanish so “Frito is a decadent sauce” is not a grammatical sentence, you could say “The tomate frito”. Same thing with “his frito is the best”, that is so wrong, you would need to say ” his tomate frito is the best”. Same goes for “the new Besos frito”. It sounds SO WRONG, please correct. Anyone who is Spanish or speaks Spanish would appreciate it being correctly.

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