Newcastle vegan restaurant expanding


A wonderful, pioneering vegan café is looking to expand in size and vision but they need our collective strength to do it.

The Painted Elephant is a cosy eatery perched in Newcastle city centre. They serve mouthwatering savoury food and ever since it opened, the restaurant has served as a vital hub for the vegan community in the city. The owners even allowed me to bring live music into their gorgeous venue when I passed through with my Vegan Roadshow.

Amazingly, it is the only 100% vegan restaurant in Newcastle.

The owners of The Painted Elephant have done an exceptional job to not only keep a fledgling restaurant open, but to also make it thrive. It now enjoys a solid following of regular diners that allows the restaurant to pay its overheads, but the plans for expansion are going to need a bit extra.

The owners need to raise £20,000 in order to move on with their plans, which include creating:

  • gourmet vegan food powered by local farmers and producers with a weekly changing, seasonal menu and low food mileage
  • a licensed bar serving infused liquors made from our excess fruits and herbs – nothing wasted
  • home grown herbs and salads cut for the plate
  • handmade vegan cheese on the menu and available to purchase and take home
  • all food waste composted to grow more deliciousness
  • locally foraged ingredients
  • regular themed tasting menu events with many-coursed meals, themed music and decor
  • great alternative music
  • up-cycled decor by local artisans

What the money will pay for:

  • the deposit and a couple of months rent on the new property (separate kitchen and bar area, possibly multiple floors!) to get them started – they’re looking at some of the beautiful railway arches near central station
  • a kitchen made from refurbished appliances and up-cycled fittings
  • growing and composting equipment, including an almost-instant (3 hour) composter for all food waste
  • paint and wall hangings
  • plumbing of sinks, etc
  • beautiful plates, glasses, crockery and more from UK artisans and small businesses
  • creation of new jobs for the local vegan community


This is our chance to support an independent business, help them grow, watch them support local fruit/vegetable producers and celebrate as they create strength, jobs and security in their community.

This is an important campaign and an incredible chance for you to be a part of something very special. Keep a 100% vegan business independent, help people in Newcastle have a vegan centre they can be proud of and, most importantly, save the lives of animals by giving the northeast a truly compassionate alternative.

Click here now to donate to the expansion campaign and help make The Painted Elephant an even more integral part of Newcastle’s vegan scene.

Follow The Painted Elephant on Twitter and Facebook.

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