Jackfruit burger and fries

Jackfruit burger and fries

London, get hungry.

The Duke’s Head pub in Highgate is known as a specialty beer pub, but also as a supporter of independent food traders in the capital. Each month, the kitchen at the Duke’s Head is handed over to caterers as a form of rolling pop-up kitchen.

Pulled Food is the current trader. The meat-centric food providers have a lot of animal products on their menu, but good news for plant eaters is the inclusion of a BBQ jackfruit burger being served for the entire month of February (2016).

Check out the glory in the photos below.

Jack the Lad - Vegan 2 Jack the Lad - Vegan 1

It looks amazing and even the rosemary salted crinkle cut fries are vegan.

You need to make sure you tell your server you want the vegan version of this jackfruit burger when you order, as it is also available as a vegetarian option.

Hurry up and eat it. You only have a few weeks.

Get the finer details such as the pub address and opening hours on the Duke’s Head website.

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