ANOTHER vegan shop opens in UK

ANOTHER vegan shop opens in UK

Cardiff. It’s your turn.

When news reached me of a 100% vegan grocery shop in Cardiff, I was ecstatic. The march of plant-based consumerism is fabulous news for our animal friends and compassionate people in Wales can now shop until they drop.

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I reached out to Simply V co-founder Spencer to find out a little bit of inside information on his store:

I set the shop up with my partner and my family after visiting similar vegan shops in other cities like Vx in London and Veganz in Berlin and thinking Cardiff really needed something like this. We also have a passion for cooking and produce our own sweet and savoury food for sale in the shop. We sell a range of hard to get European and American vegan brands such as Wilmersburger, Follow Your Heart, Wheaty, Vego, Go Max Go and Schlagfix just to name a few. We also sell products from smaller/local vegan producers such as Mr Nice Pie, Hipo Hyfryd, Heavenly Organics, Tyne Chease, Ananda Foods, Eden Perfumes, Fairypants Cosmetics and Harper’s Bizarre.

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This all looks and sounds fabulous!

Have you shopped with Simply V yet? What was your experience like?

Pay Simply V a visit online, like the store on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. This store is great! They are so friendly and will order in things if you ask! Its been open about a year I’m sure, but clearly going from strength to strength 🙂

  2. I work in the shop at Lolo’s vegan and Raw in Ramsbottom FGV! All vegan shop, deli, cafe, bar and restaurant ! x

    • That place looks great indiandpuppy – I’ve just emailed for some more details and photos so I can do a blog post on here!! 😀

      • Brilliant! I bet Laura will be pleased to hear that! She is a great boss! 🙂

  3. Yes! Veganism is going full on mainstream in the UK! I’m one of the founders of Rice Up Wholefoods in Southampton- our business is 100% vegan too and busier by the week as so many people are getting on board with the idea of a more compassionate lifestyle. Great to see others opening up around the country!

  4. Great shop, Spencer is doing a really good job. Felt a bit lost when he had a short break for christmas.

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