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My buddy Jhenn is a food mastermind. She turned Veg Bar into a hotspot of culinary delights with her kitchen wizardry and has been serving up delicious food via her own supper clubs for years.

Now that Jhenn has stepped away from her role at Veg Bar, she has decided to dedicate her time and energies into staging a whole bunch of vegan supper clubs in her own home. London, you lucky things!

Check out the amazing list of events Jhenn is running in January alone:

Macaroni Monday £11

Start the week out right with a bowl of comforting creamy macaroni. Why not top it with a selection of toppings like homemade kimchi or spicy broccoli? A relaxed evening with good company. Mon 11 Jan + Mon 25 Jan

Bibimbap & Board Games £15

A supper club tester that is booking up quickly! Enjoy bibimbap, a Korean rice dish with oodles of toppings (along with nibbles and dessert), while our Games Master teaches you some amazing new board games. We are lucky to be living in the “Golden Age of board games”, where you are involved at every moment and friendships aren’t compromised. Wed 13 Jan + Wed 20 Jan.

Vegan 4-course Japanese Dinner £24

Try dishes you can’t find in restaurants like sesame “tofu” and konnyaku takoyaki. Bring a friend and come hungry! Tue 19 Jan + Sat 23 Jan

That all sounds amazing, right?

Click here to book tickets for one (or all!) of these supper clubs and tell Jhenn I say ‘hola’.

You should also follow Jhenn on Twitter.

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