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Just a couple of years ago, Amsterdam was pretty poor for vegan stuff. I was very surprised to discover this as Amsterdam has a reputation as being counter-cultural, alternative and free-thinking, yet there was a lack of vegan restaurants (and the vegetarian ones were pretty poor, too).

Conversely, according to my Dutch friends, the Hague has a reputation as being a boring, buttoned-up city of government workers and lawyers – yet the vegan options there were far better than in Amsterdam.

But happily, times have changed and Amsterdam now has a decent selection of vegan places, many of which have opened in the last couple of years. So let’s have a quick run around a few of them during my next few blog posts, shall we?

First, let’s visit what might be my favourite new Amsterdam eatery of our recent trip – DopHert. We’d heard good things about DopHert, so were eager to try out their menu, which had lots of tasty items on it.


We ordered a tofu scramble and a club sandwich, with coffees, and weren’t disappointed. The tofu scramble was plentiful and well-seasoned, and the club sandwich – filled with strips of smoky tempeh – was a huge double-decker beast, with flavour to match!


I wish we had more time in Amsterdam actually, as we would have liked to have visited DopHert again. There are various other tasty sounding savouries on their menu, as well as some great looking cakes in the chiller, too – alas, we were too full and short of time to eat any more!

For more information about DopHert, visit their website.

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