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Vegan restaurant closed

Sad news reached me this weekend regarding the closure of a London vegan restaurant.

Greenz is actually a destination I never got to before it closed. I don’t know if it was the location near Tulse Hill station that kept me from making the journey or a lack of interest in their menu, but I never was inspired to get along.

I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t get there, but I was never intrigued by what I had read or been told.

Now it is too late.

This message is currently posted on the Greenz website:


I feel a bit guilty, like the closure is partly my fault because I never visited. Even though I was never a customer, it is depressing to lose a vegan restaurant.

Did you ever dine with Greenz? Will you miss this restaurant?

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  1. Oh, that is a shame. I ate there once – the food was delicious, a great mixture of comfort food and healthy options, and the service was very friendly. We had trouble booking a table at that point, because they seemed to be very busy (although it’s also very small, so maybe that was the problem!). But yes, we never got around to going back because of its location. If I’d lived in that part of London, I’d have been there as often as I could!

  2. We ate there a couple times. The woman who ran it was great, but I think she was doing it on her own and that’s hard. It was small, but had delicious food. Oh, that’s sad. We live not too far from there.

  3. Went once not very good. Expensive for what it was. Not surprised it’s gone.

  4. been there once and the lady who ran it was lovely. The food was delicious too! It’s a shame it’s closed down. It was a small place but she was running it on her own (on top of a full time job), so maybe that’s why it’s closing.

  5. Nice woman running it so I’m sorry to learn she’s has to close down.. Five of us went but food was sadly not very nice, overcooked & dear for portion sizes so we never returned.

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