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Vegan jellies

A lot of great food and drink happened to me in Leeds during my recent trip north, including this cup of gorgeous fruit tea with vegan jellies.

I was walking through a small shopping arcade when I was shocked by the sight of the ‘v’ word. You know that little thrill mixed with panic you experience when you see ‘vegan’ written somewhere unexpected?

iocha bubbletea is an independent bubble and fruit tea outlet in Leeds city centre. Their collection of vegan jellies for adding to the teas is extensive and the servers were only too happy to indulge my need for conversation. I was so excited, I chatted them up for ages about how fab their shop was while they just smiled and made drinks for customers.

store frontvegan signiced tea with vegan jellies

Do you have a favourite bubble tea shop in your area?

You can follow iocha bubbletea on Twitter and Instagram.

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