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Tofurky is here

I am super happy to have Tofurky roasts in the UK.

Yes, we have had a few stores carrying the Tofurky feast for years but you would have to pay over £30 for the pleasure of that product.

This new version features the roast with herb gravy and retails in the UK for just £9.99 (recommended).

Check out the photos below and click here to view an article about the roast featured on the Metro website. (It would be fantastic if you could also use the sharing tools on that site to spread news of the story. My friend Deni wrote the article and I cooked the roast that is pictured – we would love for it to be seen by lots of people.)

Tofurky Roast with Herb Gravy Tofurky cutaway Deni eating Tofurky On WFM shelf

The new Tofurky roast with herb gravy is available in Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Holland & Barrett and many independent health food stores. Just ask the person in the shop to get it in for you! I also picked one up in Vx in King’s Cross.

Xmas 15 bottom advert

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  1. Ugh! I just bought the expensive one at Planet Organic. Why does the box look different? Are they the same product or is the UK one different?

    • It is the same product just without all the trimmings you get with the expensive one.

  2. Am I allowed to add that The Incredible Nutshell in Sheffield stocks them? We’re an independent shop with a fully vegan food range.

  3. I’ve just checked Holland and Barrett’s website, and there’s no sign of it. 🙁

    • They are always very slow at getting listings on their website. You will probably need to go into your local store and ask them to make sure they order it in.

    • Stephen see my comment below. It’s coming.. at the beginning of December 🙂

  4. We stock it at Seasons, an independent 100% vegan shop in Exeter, Devon! 🙂

  5. I phoned our local Holland and Barrett who had no idea what I was talking about. Checked the website, no sign. So I phoned customer services. They informed me that they have a list of shops which will be stocking it and it will be hitting their shops at the beginning of December.

  6. Plenty of comments but no-one has said if they’re any good. I didn’t want to splash out a tenner unless it’s any good. I’m addicted to the tofurky slices so was looking forward a change from a nut roast.

    • Russ, I had one last xmas and I really enjoyed it: great flavour and more than enough to go round

    • Tofurkey tastes amazing,good texture and really tasty stuffing in the middle.you will not be disappointed,leftovers were great on cobs with pickle for tea

  7. Harvest E8 on Kingsland High Street, Hackney has started stocking Tofurky products including the roast. I’m very happy about this as it’s just round the corner!

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