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Amazing vegan breakfast

You might think it would be an easy task to find a decent cooked vegan breakfast in the UK, but sadly we don’t have a lot of noteworthy contenders.

For some mysterious reason, we are experiencing a lean period for outstanding fry ups.

This lack of hot morning meals forces me to search high and low across the country and when I find a decent breakfast, I like to shout about it.

Check out this glorious selection I recently enjoyed in the northern city of Leeds.

vegan breakfastNichols Leeds

Next time you are in Leeds (if you don’t already live there), make time for the cooked vegan breakfast at Nichols Vegetarian Delicatessen in the Chapel Allerton district.

As you can see, I didn’t hold back when ordering. My plate came with toast but I was compelled to order an extra side of home style chips because I am uncontrollable when it comes to potato.

Everything was delicious and I would go back again in a beat. Have you eaten at Nichols?

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  1. Check out Inspiral Lounge in Camden! Immense breakfast vegan bake up.

  2. Have you tried Smokeys Brighton? They have a vegan full English breakfast on their brunch menu. I haven’t tried it yet.

    • I haven’t been there but will keep it in mind.

  3. Nice. I’m planning a trip to Leeds before Christmas.

  4. Haven’t tried that one in Leeds, but have you heard of the Global Tribe Cafe? Sumptuous eating, at any time of day. http://shop.globaltribecafe.com/

    • Yes, I eat in Global Tribe every time I’m in Leeds. It is wonderful.

  5. Yum! If you’re ever in Cardiff, you should check out Anna Loka – oustanding breakfast! 🙂

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