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Xmas nut roast

My dear friend Mirel sent me the following photo this morning (get ready to pat your tummy and lick your lips):


Have you seen this vegan roast in your nearest Tesco yet? Have you eaten it?

I can’t wait until I get my chubby mittens on it!

Xmas 15 bottom advert

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  1. I tried this last year (it was in a different box but think it was the same one). Have to say, I didn’t like it much – the sauce was far too sharp for my taste… Maybe this is a new improved version though?

  2. My Tesco has this in AND a butternut squash one too, which also seems to be new. Have tried the butternut squash version – nothing to write home about. Wouldn’t bother buying again, The sauce was awful and the roast itself rather dry and in need of a good sauce.
    Was thinking of getting the Xmas version but dont like cranberries – which is apparently the sauce flavour – so again would no doubt be too dry.
    Tesco also have vegan cornetto ice creams BTW which are not bad!

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