New vegan wrap

This isn’t the most exciting sandwich news you will hear this week, but I do think it is cause to celebrate whenever a massive company decides to use the ‘v’ word so noticeably.

Check out the new falafel and houmous wrap being sold by Caffe Nero around the UK. I spotted this display in their Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 outlet.

It is certainly not going to win any innovation awards, but it is fab seeing ‘vegan’ on display in a chain store with approximately 600 locations around the country.

Have you tried this wrap? What is your verdict?

Extra note: this photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.

Xmas 15 bottom advert

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  1. Yes I have tried it several times & its very good, they also do a hot Arrabbiata pasta dish that is vegan too, though not tried that yet. Thanks.

  2. Not tried this, generally avoid cafe nero as last few times I went in they had absolutely nothing vegan except crisps (just like costa).
    Have, however, only yesterday tried ‘red and green’ sandwich in pret a manger. They had nothing vegan except a falafel salad this summer (and you had to discard the pot of dressing which wasnt vegan) so to find an actual sandwich was nice. Sandwich was ok, but too much ‘stalky’ spinach to chew. The red sauce stuff on it ovepowered the avocado. A shame but I guess they are at least trying.

    • This Cafe Nero wrap is tasty and it’s great to have an option in mainstream coffee shops. Their mince pies have been labelled vegan in recent years, I hope it will be again this year, it’s just a shame they don’t acknowledge their vegan customers wanting a sweet treat for the rest of the year.

      They and other major coffee shop chains such as Costa and Starbucks must have significant soya milk drink sales but they don’t routinely provide vegan sweet or savoury options – in fact the mince pie is the only sweet option I’ve ever been aware of.

      I think the green & red sandwich at Pret is great. Personally I don’t see an item where you have to discard a non vegan ingredient as a vegan option (the item you mention where you have to discard the non vegan dressing – surely we could pick meat or dairy out of many dishes if this was the case). I don’t want to create a demand for meat or dairy by buying such items.

      • HI M, the pret salad had a sealed pot of dressing which contained honey – so easy to discard. No, it was not ideal though and I agree we need to remove the demand for these items.
        .I looked up the soya milk on the Costa site’s ‘allergies’ list but it was marked not vegan due to likelihood of cross contamination,
        I contacted Costa about this and they confirmed it, They then tried to bribe me with 600 costa card points as they dont have any vegan options but crisps – I did not take them up on this as obviously there is nothing to spend the points on!
        As I now hear they are bringing out vegan stuff this xmas maybe I should have scrounged the points!
        This past week I also tried Pret’s new baguette with artichokes. It was better than the red/green sandwich but the baguette was considerably tough on the teeth!

  3. Thanks for sharing all these little things with us. Always very helpful (and life affirming) x

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