Halloween delight

I was at a recent Morrissey concert in London when the legendary singer asked a peculiar (and awesome) question from the stage.

He wanted to know where he could buy ‘a vegan wagon wheel’ and of course he was talking about the fabulous Round Up bars made by Ananda Foods.

These gorgeous treats are available in many stores around the UK, including Ms Cupcake and Vx here in London.

I visited the Ananda stand at VegfestUK London yesterday and was delighted to see (and buy and eat) a special limited edition version of the Round Up for Halloween. It was an explosion of biscuit, chocolate, marshmallow and jam.

Look at this fabulous thing!


Get on over to the Ananda Foods stand today on the second day of VegfestUK London to pick one up, or reach out to them via their online shop to see where you can find your very own Halloween Round Up.

You can also like Ananda Foods on Facebook and like them on Twitter.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I love the Round Ups. Bought eight today. *binges*

  2. Did you see this post by Gary Francione on Morrisey’s recent comments about going vegan? http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/after-30-years-morrissey-goes-vegan-but-calls-veganism-purist/#.VhrE-xNViko

    I like Morrisey’s music, but his politics suck.

  3. ^ At least Morrissey cares about animals and tries his best to help them, none of us are perfect.

    As for the wagon wheel, they are delicious, the non vegans in my house always try to pinch mine!

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