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All the vegan photos

Get ready for this HUGE collection of photos.

I just arrived home from a few hours at the Specialty & Fine Food Fair 2015. This annual trade event is housed in the mammoth National Hall at London Olympia and is always a great place to spot to find new vegan products, as well as reconnect with some old favourites.

Check out everything that caught my eye.


I drink this stuff like it is keeping me alive. Check them out.

Birch water

Birch water was everywhere at the show. It is the new coconut water, it seems. Find TreeVitalise here.

beetroot ketchup

Anything with a fox on it gets my attention. Look for more info here.

ten acre cappucino ten acre strawberry

New flavours from Ten Acre popcorn range. See the range here.

gococo milk

Tasty shakes by Go Coco. See them online.

coconut amino

Very interesting. Coconut amino sauce! Find out more here.

kombucha bottle

Look at this cute new bottle about to hit shelves for one of my favourite drinks, Love Kombucha. More info here.

fentimans elderflower fentimans ginger beer

Fentimans drinks are refreshing and they have a few alcoholics options, too. Go here for more.

retro corn

Retro Corn flavours are all based on traditional sweets! See the range here.


Fabulous to see one of my favourites, Cho! gazpacho. See them online.


Vegan caviar from Vegetarian Caviar Club. See their website here.

rebel kitchen coffee

The gorgeous Rebel Kitchen have a coffee flavour. See all their products online.

harry brand harissa chilli sauce

How fun! Chilli sauce in a squeezy bottle. Go to the website for more info.

mr organic red pepper pesto

Mr. Organic red pepper pesto is vegan! See their website.

cool chile sauce pots

Amazing single serving pots of Mexican sauces by Cool Chile Co. I can’t wait to use the buffalo sauce to make battered cauliflower wings. See the company website here.

drink maple

Maple water? I’ve never seen it before but you can find out more here.

nana ice cream

Dairy free ice cream alternative made from bananas! See more here.

enjoy raw chocolate

Enjoy raw chocolate has some great looking flavours. See the website here.

divine chocolate

The latest dark flavours from Divine. See their website here.

Ombar centres

Ombar make amazing chocolate but it got better with soft centres! Go here for more info.

Scrubbys crisps

Love, love, LOVE these vegan crisps by Scrubby’s. Their website is here.

The Protein Ball

Interesting little bag of vegan protein balls. More info here.

Raw Halo

Raw Halo has a wide range of vegan flavours. See more here.

vegan sweets

Lovely jars of flavoured vegan gummies and sweets. See them here.

the raw chocolate factory

New products from The Raw Chocolate Co. See the company online.

hot chicks

Flavoured chickpeas and corn by On The Pulse Foods. Visit them online.

Pics peanut butter

Gorgeous looking peanut butter made with Australian grown peanuts from near my hometown! See the company online.

cereal lovers

A range of vegan breakfast cereal! Visit them online.

Pulsin mint

Beond sour cherry

Latest flavours from Pulsin’ and Beond. Visit them online.

Nudge smoothie kit

Nudge smoothie kits! See the range online.

Kankun catering sauces

Catering jugs of KanKun chipotle and jalapeño sauces. I’m in love! Visit them online.

Wow. What a collection of photos. Anything take your fancy?

Remeber to ask your local health food stores to stock these brands if you to see them near you. If you run a business, cafe or shop please reach out to them and see if you can buy wholesale.

Yay for vegan food!

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  1. Love Love Love Raw Halo!

  2. Fucking hell, I don’t want to stop looking!!!! 😀

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