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Just Mayo in the UK

We have all grown weary waiting for Just Mayo to arrive on Tesco shelves as promised a few months ago.

just mayo UK

The bad news first: it appears it is not coming to Tesco anytime in the near future. A few people have heard back from both the mayo company and the supermarket with the message being the same. Tesco currently has no plans to stock the cruelty-free mayo.

However, people in the UK do have one very expensive option for getting some Just Mayo into their kitchen.

Online health food retailer Nutrition Valley has the jumbo-sized jar of the long-awaited vegan mayo available to order on its website.

Click here to check it out. If you are not quick, it will sell out. This new shipment arrived just this week following on from overwhelming demand for previous deliveries.

Just Mayo is delicious, but would you pay over £10 (when you include delivery charges) for a jar?

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  1. Yes! I did and it was soooo worth it 😀

  2. Perhaps I am far behind the times but I am a mayo freak and having turned vegan in December I was not happy about the choices available. I just discovered Vegenaise and I think Vegenaise is amazing – so why pay so much for this.

    • yes, vegenaise is incredible!

      • I am a Mayo freak too. And I think Vegenaise is fantastic. I couldn’t stand Plamil or anything else I tried but Vegenaise yum yum yum…you can also buy it at Black Cat Cafe in London if you are in london in Gackney which has wonderful food..

  3. It’s actually not that much more expensive. These Just Mayo jars are 30 fl oz (887g), which is about 2.5 times the amount in the jar of Veganaise I bought recently at Wholefoods. The Vegenaise was around £3, if not more. Excluding the shipping, this might possibly actually be less expensive.

    • Where did you find the Veganaise? I haven’t seen it in any Whole Foods yet.

      • I’ve seen it in WFM Piccadilly and Kensington and Richmond. Also in As Nature Intended stores.

  4. I really don’t miss mayo. I have yet to try vegannaise. Since going vegan nearly 3 years ago, I have stopped caring about the tastes I might ‘miss’ and just eat what is good and flavourful to me from the wonderful range of plant foods that exist. When I make coleslaw I use a mix of Mayola and dairy free yogurt. This also works for me with scrambled tofu to give an ‘egg mayo’ idea to my palate. If I like the vegannaise, I will probably put that in my sandwiches sometimes with the Fry’s polony – made of wheat gluten – which tastes exactly like the horrible original! Nobody would know the difference. Any non vegan could eat that and think it was the pig flesh version they are used to.

  5. Did anyone try to order this from their website? I’ve now seen reviews that claim it is a bogus site, they’ve taken money for the mayo and I never got it 🙁

  6. I ordered and received 2 jars. Delivery was on the slow side, but I did get them. After trying Just Mayo, Vegenaise Original and Vegenaise Organic, I’d have to say that Vegenaise Original is the best and most like ‘real’ mayo of the three.

  7. I also came across this rather scathing article about the supposedly angelic Hampton Creek Foods a little while ago. Interesting reading: http://www.techinsider.io/hampton-creek-ceo-complaints-2015-7

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