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Josh and I are currently traipsing around the southwest of England, enjoying the gorgeous views and eating whatever we can get our hands on.

Thanks to two wonderful vegan grocery stores, we have not gone without snacks for our vegan road trip.

Check them out.

When you visit Exeter, make time to visit Chris at Seasons. This grocery store used to be vegetarian but made the switch to 100% vegan just a few weeks ago. Get all your pantry items, pre-prepared sandwiches, chocolate bars, drinks and more.

It becomes an even more satisfying experience when you realise what a friendly person Chris is and how passionate he is about veganism.

You can visit Seasons online, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. (You can also read this awesome guide to vegan Exeter)

Our road trip continued further south and west to the port city of Plymouth, home to one of the best-stocked vegan grocery stores in the UK. There isn’t a lot that Ethica doesn’t have.

All the vegan chocolate. Vegan ice cream. Frozen food. Pet food. Toiletries. Everything!

The shop is packed with everything from essential groceries to decadent treats and it is truly a must-visit for everyone living in or visiting the southwest.

Visit Ethica on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Support independent vegan business and shop!

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  1. […] fab people running Exeter’s vegan grocery store, Seasons. I wrote about that a while ago. Click here to read! The café is only a few hops away (get it?) from the store. See the location on Google […]

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