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Berlin top three

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My favourite vegan places in Berlin.

This is a difficult post to write, as there are so many great places to choose from in Berlin – and new places keep opening! So I should say now that you’ll almost certainly disagree with me, and this is my personal list of the locations I enjoy visiting the most right now. These three eateries are 100% vegan. They’re not in any particular order, as I can’t really choose between them! But they’re definitely my top three, and I think that they’re almost perfect.

Let It Be

Let It Be serve delicious filled crépes with a variety of sweet and savoury options, as well as towering burgers and chunky potato wedges, all named after famous vegan(ish) people. Sadly they broke my heart when the Ted Danson creamy mushroom option was removed during a menu re-vamp, but the Woody Harrelson ‘cheese and ham’ makes up for my unintentionally Cheers-themed disappointment. It’s friendly and relaxed, with an excellent soundtrack playing gently in the background.

Let It Be in Berlin - delicious vegan burgers and crepes

Chaos Theorie

I’m very lucky that Chaos Theorie is a short walk away from our home. I’ve posted here before about the great desserts they sell, but Chaos Theorie also serves delicious savouries, such as filled croissants and cheese-covered nachos. There are also daily specials including a “Weißwurst breakfast” on Saturdays, and doner kebabs on Thursdays. If that’s not enough, it’s also a well-stocked bar, serving alcoholic drinks, including a huge range of cocktails.

Chaos Theorie in Berlin, food photos montage

Café Vux

Not far from both Let It Be and Sfizy is this light and calm Brazilian-esque café which specialises in bagel sandwiches. I’m a big bagel and coffee fan, so Café Vux ticks so many boxes for me. My favourite is the cheese with guava jam (or jelly to the USians reading), closely followed by the lime seitan. Add a latté and a slice of one of their wonderful cakes, or the muffin with the crispy sugary topping, and I could sit there all day.

Cafe Vux Berlin, Coffee and cake Cafe Vux Berlin, BagelPhoto credits for Café Vux photos here and here. Used with permission.

And once you’ve been to those three, here’s some more 100% vegan places for your consideration:

  • Dr. Pogo isn’t a restaurant but a collectively-run shop with lots of stuff (I recommend the gummi bears from the big jar) though they do sell coffee, croissants and sweet things, and have a small seating area
  • Sfizy Veg for excellent pizza (though get there before 9pm, or phone to reserve, as they have a habit of closing early without warning)
  • Fast Rabbit for wraps, soup and chips, great location right opposite Mauerpark
  • The Jivamukti Canteen for soups and sandwiches, very near to the outdoor Berlin Wall exhibition which runs along Bernauer Str.
  • Vego Foodworld or Yoyo Foodworld (both very similar) for greasy but tasty burgers, wraps and chips
  • Oh La La for fine French patisserie, crépes (the salted caramel one is great), and the superb trésor

I’ll be reviewing more places soon, so subscribe to find out what’s new. Any dissenting views, please leave a comment below!

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