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I get asked daily (often multiple times a day) to share details of my favourite vegan meal in London.

I don’t think about it. I don’t deliberate. I answer quickly and succinctly.

My favourite vegan meal in London is…

You are staring at my all-time favourite thing to eat in London. This is the Deluxe Falafel Wrap made by Mr Falafel in Shepherds Bush Market.

Mr Falafel is my home away from home. I’m surprised they haven’t asked me to pay rent at this Palestinian food outlet opposite Shepherd’s Bush Market Underground station.

There are many delicious items for vegans to order from the menu at Mr Falafel but I always go for the medium-sized Deluxe with a side order of fries. I never stray from that choice.

The Deluxe contains all of the usual suspects you would expect find inside a falafel wrap, plus a few surprises. Deep fried cauliflower, deep fried aubergine and French fries take this food item from delicious to life-altering.

For the full taste sensation, be sure to add some chilli sauce.

Word of warning: only order the large size if you haven’t eaten in days. I once made the mistake of ordering the large and I very nearly didn’t survive to tell the tale.

Check out Mr Falafel online for directions and menu. They are not open Sundays and close at 6pm every other day.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. If the large portion is too big for FGV, it’s too big! 😉

  2. Need to try the fries! Thank you! I agree that this is the best Falafe I had IN THE WORLD :p

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