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Food and music

My buddy Jhenn took over the kitchen at Veg Bar in Brixton a few weeks back and she is now getting into the swing of things as she launches her new menu tonight.

Get along to 45 Tulse Hill from 5pm today (Saturday July 25, 2015) for live music and a new vegan menu that looks delicious.

Check out the photos below.

If I wasn’t in the heart of Scotland on the Vegan Roadshow, I would be there in a heartbeat.

You can RSVP to the menu launch on Facebook and invite friends to join you.

Follow Veg Bar on Twitter.

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  1. Well that looks good but today we went for the brunch and it was a big disappointment. I was expecting a nice brunch and it was a cold, normal, bit greasy and small one. Yes it comes with bottomless coffee but for 11.50 I think they can do it better. I’m sad because I was really excited about having a total vegan place near home… Don´t know if I going to try the a la carte menu.

  2. I agree with most of the above – only I was there last week and found the brunch dry rather than greasy (that may have changed yesterday). The brunch that used to be served before was much better I think – large portions, with biscuits and gravy and macaroni cheese. The small portion of pasta salad that was served instead last week was dry and very bland unfortunately, and the 2 bacon pieces were only about 2 inches long each. My mini raspberry muffin, whilst cute, was really tiny and very dry as well. Feel bad saying this as I used to really like the place before, but now am feeling hesitant to go back!

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