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Tasty new puffed quinoa bar

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josh panel

Just a very quick post to tell you about a new bar I discovered in Holland & Barrett today. Made by NatureCrops in the Netherlands, this bar features puffed quinoa with rice syrup which gives a lovely soft and chewy consistency.

Are these new? I hadn’t noticed them before. The bars come in four flavours (one of which isn’t vegan) and I chose the dark chocolate and almond flavour. It was delicious and perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. These will no-doubt become standard inclusions for future road trips and plane journeys.


Nature Crops quinoa bar


Dark chocolate and almond flavour… delicious!

Visit the NatureCrops website here

Like NatureCrops on Facebook here

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  1. They’re not new, but they are yummy 🙂

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