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Froot jellies

Readers take note: my socks were officially blown off by this purchase in the Earl’s Court Tesco last night.

Following the shock of being turned away from the Royal Albert Hall due to Mr Tony Bennett having taken ill, my band of Little Monsters went in search of sweet things to soften the disappointment.

These did not disappoint.

IMG_0958 IMG_7582No beeswax. No gelatine. No dairy. Fruit juice. Vegetable colours. Delightful!

Priced at just £1.99 for an impressive tub, these vegan jellies are exceptional value. I adored having the flavour chart on the lid and took it upon myself to suggest flavour combinations to my fellow concert rejectees.

Look for these in the world food section of a larger Tesco.

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  1. :O :O !!!

  2. I found these in a Tesco in Liverpool city centre a few weeks ago, they are delicious. All the family like them

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