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They had my vegan meal for me on my shared British Airways/American Airlines flight from London Heathrow to Los Angeles. Yep, they had it for me alright.

The problem was it just wan’t very exciting. My latest vegan airline meal was in fact so dull, I’ve spruced up this blog post about it by including photos I took of Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on my inflight entertainment screen.

See the dreary food and fabulous Hollywood stars below.

american airlines vegan meal elizabeth taylor giant giant screen shot marilyn gentlemen marilyn monroe vegan meal American AirlinesThe shot above contains margarine but no bread. I was originally served a bread roll but discovered it was made with eggs. I suggested to the flight crew that they might like to find someone else to eat the roll.

Meal verdict: a bit dreary.

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  1. That was the same as me flying BA back from Mexico a couple of weeks ago, apart from I got non vegan margarine!

    The best meal I had recently was on Emirates, a spicy creamy noodle dish with chocolate brownie – well, I hope it was vegan! :/

  2. Yep! The standard BA vegan meal with or without vegan/non-vegan margarine. I fly them a lot. Still, I don’t fly them because of the food. But, you’re right in pointing it out because that might change things. I’ll do same next time.

  3. Your outgoing meal was the same one I had on BA going to New York in March. Nice but not very imaginative.

  4. AA always mess up vegan (dairy free) with gluten free… I mean it is very difficult to separate the two right??
    BA is usually good, and I always find that they have spare stuff if you ask, extra bread, more fruit and snacks etc, but AA always get it wrong and always run out of both food and alcohol…

  5. My BA flight from JFK to LHR last week was disappointing. Okra curry was nice but we had fruit salad for dessert and for breakfast. We also had Earth Balance marge with no bread and were given a tiny carton of dairy milk. We asked for non dairy creamer but they had none on board. I’ve previously experienced better when the meal was loaded in NYC, for example I’ve had a vegan muffin for dessert.

    Going out was a little better, at least we had a pre-packaged roll with vegan marge and a non dairy creamer. But still fruit salad.

    The snack both ways was pretzel with dairy ingredients.

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