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Last night marked the 4th year anniversary of (and final outing for) London Vegan Potluck. After four fabulous years, I decided to bring the monthly food happening to an end.

We went out with a bang.

Check out this HUGE vegan Victoria sponge cake presented to me by Mellissa Morgan of Ms. Cupcake. It had an edible version of my face on it!
As you can see, the Ms. Cupcake bakery has vegan edible inks and can print photos onto cakes. I was blown away by the personalised cake and am thankful for the support Ms. Cupcake and Mellissa have shown this community event over the past four years.

A massive thank you to everyone who has ever come along, helped set up, been a cleaner at the end of the night or made delicious vegan food to share. London Vegan Potluck has been a truly valuable community strengthening event for London vegans.

Another thank you to all the wonderful attendees at the final potluck. They all dug deep to help raise £184 towards making the first ever Vegan Roadshow a reality. This contribution has taken the total of our funds raised to over £1000. Find out more about Vegan Roadshow here and donate from as little as £1 here.

Goodbye London Vegan Potluck. I gave four years of my life to you and you will always be in my heart.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Humungous thanks to FGV for leaving this great event on such a high! I guess Sean was able to literally stuff his face with cake thanks to Ms Cupcake’s vegan edible inks, ha! ha! Will really miss this wonderful event and send my thanks to Sean & Josh for keeping it going for four terrific years! Best of luck with the Vegan Roadshow, guys – you rock!

  2. I completely echo your sentiments Anne.
    A massive thank-you Sean to both you and Josh for your hard work.
    It’s been a wonderful four years and i will really miss this great event.
    It was lovely to see it end on such a high and Ms Cupcake’s cake of you
    was incredible ,she has been so important to the success of this event so a huge thank-you to her too.
    I’m sure the Vegan Roadshow will be incredible Sean.
    Let’s hope everyone supports it and helps you raise the funds you need for it.

    The London vegan community is so very fortunate to have you.
    Thank-you for everything you and Josh do for us.
    Ella who ? you are our true superstar .
    Much love and respect.

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