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Remember when I posted about supporting Fortify Café of Maidstone as they switched from a vegetarian menu to a 100% vegan menu?

James Hooper and his team took the massive step forward earlier this year in order to give their town its only fully-vegan eatery. Of course, many people thought this would be a massive risk and some wondered if a cafe could survive without serving dairy and eggs.

A month into being a vegan business owner, James reached out to me in order to let me know how the finances were shaping up since the switch.

This is what James had to say:

Just thought I’d quickly report in and I can hardly believe it. Our takings for April are up approximately 25% compared to March (which was also a great month for us) and we have broken the takings record since we opened! This was all achieved despite being closed on Easter Sunday.

This is awesome. The team have been fantastic with the sudden increase in business and have all worked extra hard to make sure service levels are maintained. We’ve needed extra help to cope and luckily for us Aaron Tilley (of Blood Tight Apparel) was available and is helping us out. Long may it continue!

I am staggered and delighted for James and the Fortify Café team.

A 25% increase in takings since they transitioned to a fully vegan menu is stunning news that should make many people sit up and take notice. This cafe has existed for years and the month they became completely plant-based is the month they smashed records. This surge in business has been done without dairy milk for coffee, one of the most-voiced concerns for businesses considering becoming vegan.

Vegan food is not just a compassionate option. When it is done well, it is a viable independent business venture that supports local workers, communities and economies.

You can visit the Facebook event to pledge to visit Fortify Café during their first four months as a vegan eatery. The pledge page is asking you to commit to spending money with the vegan business at least once before August 1, 2015.

Pledge to visit now!

11081517_10153260219247578_343387001_nVisit Fortify online, follow Fortify on Twitter and like Fortify on Facebook.

Find out about other restaurants recently converting to fully vegan, such as Samphire of Plymouth and the soon to be vegan Veg Bar of Brixton.

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  1. This is amazing news! So happy for them.

  2. Excellent news! I’m hoping to get down there for a nosh, as we enjoyed the choices when they were only veggie.

  3. That is brilliant news. What additional marketing/promotion did they do around the switch?

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