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Haggis crisps

What’s missing from your life? Haggis-flavoured vegan crisps, you say?

Well, here you go!

IMG_4352 IMG_4359What you see in my FGV hand in the photo above is a vegan haggis and cracked black pepper crisp. I’m still in shock that such a product exists.

Now that I’ve tried this delicacy, I have another mission in life.

I must find and devour the Whisky and Haggis ridge cut vegan crisps by the same company. No, this is a not a drill. Mackie’s of Scotland produce a Whisky and Haggis ridge cut crisp that is vegan.

Fucking hell!

You can follow Mackie’s of Scotland on Twitter.

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  1. After reading the back of the packet, I tried the Whisky & Haggis Ridge Cut crisps at the IFE with some trepidation – as I don’t drink whisky & have only eaten vegan haggis.

    They were unusual & I had a few. The black pepper ones sound nice but they should be the ridge-cut flavour too/instead 🙂

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