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Pie Baby!

Dear Pie Baby. Where have you been all my life?

Pie Baby is exactly the kind of food venture I can throw my weight behind.

This new venture is a wife and husband food start up, formed in a home kitchen with nothing but big vegan dreams and a love of pies. Lara Fair is the cook and Finn Fair is the artist in charge of all design work.

Pie Hard! will be Pie Baby‘s second pop up event, taking pace on Sunday May 3, 2015 at The Pack and Carriage, 162 Eversholt Street, NW1 1BL (near Mornington Crescent). It is their first public outing with full size pies following on from taster nights and events with sample sizes to test the popularity of the flavours.

Pie Hard Flyer ColourBecause Pie Baby loves a pie pun, Pie Hard! will feature a bit of Bruce Willis on the screen. Pie, beer and John McClane? I’m sold.

A £15 ticket includes your choice of pie, hand cut coleslaw with homemade vegan mayo, chips, a drink at the bar and some good tunes. Vegan beers available. Food is served from 3:00pm until no later than 6:30pm, but the bar will remain open until 11:00pm for some extra bank holiday Sunday socialising.

All Pie Baby pies are topped with delicious garlic mash (an influence of their New Zealand upbringing) and the flavours available are:

  • The Stroganoff Molotov – mushroom Stroganoff for a taste explosion
  • The Cheesy Rider – mac’n’cheese alternative to get your taste buds rolling
  • El Fuego Bandida – revolutionary Mexican chilli bean to set you on fire

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Tickets are purchased by contacting Lara via lounginlara@hotmail.com – doing this in advance secures not only a seat but your choice of pie, too.

You can follow Pie Baby on Twitter or Instagram

You can like Pie Baby on Facebook

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  1. I’ve to the tasting nights and the last event and can totally vouch for these guys and their pies!

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