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Tesco vegan label

This impressed me. Not the products themselves, rather the label.

A recent trip to Tesco was interrupted by a sighting of the word ‘vegan’ shouting at me from behind a closed freezer door. It appears not only are Tesco product developers smartening up to the demand for plant-based foods, they have also realised the ‘v’ word is a desirable thing to place front and centre of a packet.

I know Tesco falls at the considerably shit end when placed on the social justice/anti-capitalist spectrum, but seeing the word vegan so prominently displayed on the own brand packaging of such a big retailer gives me hope that our movement is unstoppable.

Yay for the word vegan. Yay for improving outcomes for animals. Yay for considering if you want to shop with an international behemoth like Tesco or if you prefer to shop independent all the time.

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  1. Those Mexican Style Bean Burgers are so amzingly tasty, though. I am a bit of a bean burger connoisseur and since Sainsbury’s changed their recipe, Tesco are the best.

  2. Vegan kebabs on sticks, at Tesco. Our work is complete. (well, almost ;-))

  3. Excellent! My main gripe with supermarket labelling is the lack of consistency but this is definitely a step in the right direction!

  4. I agree! Yay for the word vegan! I am proud of it and use it wherever and whenever I can and love to see it. I’m disappointed so many places fudge it and just talk of ‘dairy free’ when something is actually vegan. Pizza Express for instance. And they don’t even have soya milk for our coffee either!

    • They can only use the word vegan if its made in a vegan friendly environment thats why its not used very often its nothing to do with fudging.

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