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Best on the planet


There is nothing else.

Of all the vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants I’ve eaten with during my time on this planet, nothing comes close to capturing the delight of food quite like Vedge of Philadelphia.

If you are interested in plant-based dining at its finest, you need to make sure Vedge is on your bucket list, in your 3-year plan or somehow scheduled into your not-too-distant future.

Owners Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau have created a food paradise where subtle flavours and unique ingredients join forces to create a melt-in-your-mouth tour de force. If that sounds like hyperbole, you are clearly one of the unfortunate few yet to step foot inside the award-winning Locust Street eatery. Those who have dined with Vedge might very well think I am not employing sufficient superlatives in my description.

I have dined with Vedge on three occasions over the years and I am constantly scheming and plotting my return. If anyone asks you if you know FGV’s favourite restaurant in the world, tell them Vedge.

Before I launch into the photos from my recent visit, I want you to take a moment to follow Vedge on Twitter and like the restaurant on Facebook.

Now, visual proof of my fine dining experience.


Smoked carrots, kimchee ‘reuben’, white bean puree & pumpernickel


Fancy radishes with shishito pepper, avocado, pickled tofu & smoked tamari


Portabella carpaccio with caper puree, salsify skordalia & nigella grissini


Salt roasted golden beets with avocado, smoked tofu, rye, capers & creamy cucumber


Stuffed avocado with pickled cauliflower, romesco, ‘fried rice’ & black salt


Market board featuring selection of pickled, marinated & fermented vegetables


Rutabaga fondue with soft pretzel, rutabaga salad, charred onion & pistachio


Amazing ice creams


Cassatelle with hazelnut ice cream & pomegranate marshmallow


Sticky toffee pudding with smoked walnut ice cream


Meyer lemon cheesecake with blood orange gel, tangerine ice cream & chocolate-bergamot dust


Crispy & creamy sunchokes with truffle & trail mix


Grilled seitan with pickled turnips, green garbanzos & za’atar


Fingerling fries with creamy worcestershire


Spicy grilled tofu with gochujang, edamame, roasted miso & yuba cracklin


Braciole – smoked & roasted eggplant, Italian salsa verde & cured olive puree


Brussels sprouts – shaved & grilled with smoked mustard

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. OMG, I’m going to Vedge next month and can’t wait. But I’ll be going alone and I have no idea how I’m gonna be able to choose!?!??!??!?!

  2. That looks like quite a large meal, even for you Sean.

  3. I visited a couple of weeks ago. It was everything you describe! The stand-out dishes for me were the rutabaga fondue and the cheesecake with tangerine ice cream and bergamot dust. But each dish has a lot of detail and intensity in its flavour. I was in a group of four so we ordered a lot of different dishes to share and every single one of them was excellent.

    Visitors should expect to pre-book, even a few weeks in advance. It is very popular!

    I couldn’t agree with you more – visiting Vedge is an amazing experience.

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