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The last few days of any vacation in the USA is a fraught time, but it has nothing to do with trying to squeeze in last minute sightseeing.

The drama revolves around shopping for perishables and freezing them for the flight back to the UK. Does anyone else do this? I can’t be alone.

Arriving home with a case full of frozen food is a fabulous way to extend the joy of your holiday. Even when you are back in the grey UK, your vacation lives on through a freezer full of vegan groceries.

Check out the photos of the haul that made it back with me from New York City a few weeks ago.

groceries01 groceries02 groceries03 groceries04 groceries05 groceries06 groceries09 groceries11 groceries12 groceries13 groceries14 groceries15 groceries16 groceries18

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  1. My goodness how did you manage to keep it frozen and more important where did you put it, thats some vegan haul..

    • Wrap it all together in multiple plastic bags and sweaters/jeans. It was all in my freezer, although a lot is already in my belly.

      • For next time: you can fly with dry ice, and it doesn’t melt it just vaporises so you won’t get everything in your bag wet. It’s a lot colder than water ice so it should keep everything frozen solid during the flight.

  2. The only downside to freezing is you can’t refreeze once you get home.

    I bring freezer packs and a really good but lightweight cool bag (this one is brilliant, pricey but it keeps things colder for longer than any other I’ve tried – http://www.lakeland.co.uk/3447/The-Lakeland-Cool-Bag). Sometimes things are still frozen when I reach home so I can just pop back in the freezer.

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