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Eat an egg

Have you got £15 burning a hole in your pocket? Get into your nearest Hotel Chocolat for this gourmet vegan Easter egg.

Made with almond powder, this decadent dairy-free egg is accompanied by chocolate bites packed with fruit and nuts. I was tempted, but just couldn’t bring myself to part with that sort of cash for an Easter egg.

What do you think? Is that crossing a price line you would never step over?

egg vegan easterYou can see the egg via the online Hotel Chocolat shop.

If you do take the plunge and shell out for this vegan egg, please let me know how if it is fabulous. I could still be swayed!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I couldn’t either, thought the choc is MUCH thicker than a standard egg, so it probably equates to about three or four moo free ones.

    I am thrilled though that (albeit the posh end) of the high street is embracing dairy free milk choc. Seeing previously ‘specialist’ products becoming ever more mainstream shows the demand is there and growing!

  2. The larger Hotel Chocolat shops do vegan milk bunny lollies and bags of buttons, my plan was to try these first to see if it’s worth asking the Easter Bunny to bring me an egg. The research will be tough, but I’ll manage 😉

  3. I think this is great! Family often try to buy me top end easter eggs, from Thorntons or such, and don’t realise the dark chocolate isn’t dairy free.

    I would totally buy this for people too, brands like this making vegan products really help raise the image.

    I personally have my eye on a white chocolate egg from Holland and Barratt.

  4. Great idea but far too expensive!

    The annoying thing is that if they don’t sell enough, they probably won’t do it again. If they sold the egg seperately at a more reasonable Easter egg price, they’d probably sell far more.

    Might be worth a comment to Hotel Chocolat…

  5. H&B have a good range of vegan Easter Eggs. All for between 3 and 10 pounds. Right now, they are on their buy 1 get 1 half price offers on everything in store. http://goo.gl/i3PQxo

  6. Wtf it’s tiny! Way too expensive.

  7. I bought this the other week, shame to say it did not live up to expectations. Doesn’t taste creamy and still has a sharp aftertaste that you get with dark chocolate. The fruit bites however are lovely but would not be paying £15 in a hurry again for this

  8. I’m intending on buying it cause it’s interesting. Happily, I’ve seen quite a few vegan eggs on the shelves this year, but there is only so much “plain dark chocolate with plain dark chocolate buttons” a person can eat! At least MooFree has some variety- tempted by the honeycomb.

  9. My friend let me try the very cute chocolate bunnies. She was told that Hotel Chocolat are planning to extend the range which is great news for vegans.
    I agree with a previous comment that the ‘milk-free milk’ range isn’t creamy like a moo-free or similar. It’s still very much dark chocolate… very nice though.

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