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Have you seen this music video released today by OK Go for their new song You’re a Fucking Nerd And No One Likes You?

I have included the video below, but please be warned it contains adult themes and explicit language. Trigger warning: the lyrics of the song contain the word rape.

I am unsure how the band members, record company, film company or anyone connected to this project considered the content of the song to be an acceptable form of promotion for a movie (Hot Tub Time Machine 2).

Here at FGV, concepts of social justice hold court over everything that happens. This music video blows social justice out of the hot tub water.

The lyrics and visual content manage to display misogyny and homophobia, while repeatedly making a vile reference to animal rape.

I’m all for satire and saying offensive things in a clever way to make fun of people who say those things seriously, but I don’t see that comical device at play in this song and accompanying music video. If that is the intention of the artists, it is incredibly poorly executed.

Am I missing something?

Is making jokes about raping tigers a clever way for the band to make fun of ‘bros’ and macho culture, or have OK Go got this terribly wrong?

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  1. Well, I thought the first Hot Tub Time Machine was terrible and nothing original, so this song is probably about right for the intended audience. It’s really unpleasant.

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