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Eat Xmas

You think you’ve seen decadent Christmas cakes and treats?

Think again.

The talented team over at Ms. Cupcake have come up with some seasonal cupcakes and bars that will blow your Christmas stocking off the mantlepiece. I was overwhelmed by the colours and flavours!

Check out the latest Christmas cakes at the vegan Brixton bakery and see if you can guess which item I took home with me.

Answer after the photos.


Gingerbread people being made by Ben

mixed plate

Choc Marzipan, O’Christmint Tree, Egg Nog & Gingerbread Latte


Mulled Berry Nanaimo Bar

red velvet

Red Velvet for Christmas

santa cookies

Milk & Cookies

Which one would you pick?

I went home with the Nanaimo bar!

You can follow Ms. Cupcake on Twitter, like the bakery on Facebook and check their opening times on their website.

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