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Strap it on

This is your warning.

Do not read any further unless you want to be exposed to content of an adult/sexual nature.

The photos included below may be considered by some people to be not safe for work environments.

I recently became aware of a small company in Bristol making sex equipment and kink wear. Tool Belt make and sell items such as strap on dildo harnesses and floggers.

Why on Earth would I include this information on my blog?

Tool Belt is a vegan-friendly company and clearly label all items for sale in their Etsy shop that are suitable for vegans!

The vegan range by Tool Belt includes a thigh strap-on dildo harness made from upcycled rubber, a slimline rubber flogger and a strap-on dildo harness. You can see all the items for sale at a special Christmas price over on the Tool Belt Etsy store.

il_570xN.700191437_7yc9 il_570xN.700057016_f9s8 il_570xN.700062866_fvu2No matter what you need or want to do in life, you can do it as a vegan.

You can like Tool Belt on Facebook.

NYE bottom advert


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  1. Just read two of your blogs in quick succession, one about cute, sweet gingerbread men and the other, well, yes, strap on items. Combine the two – lets have a gingerbread man with something extra

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